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Sonia Design style

Sonia Design is the style that freed the packaging of our leavened products from their traditional holiday tones, in favor of colors that can be adapted to any season, because Loison’s products are not necessarily tied to the holidaysWe bring to your tables traditional made in Italy products that can be savored anywhere, anytime

A confection, whether for a festive occasion or as a gift, is a symbol/token: all the more so when it is linked to a special occasion. The package is therefore an irreplaceable tool for communicating the uniqueness of that confection and of the intention that accompanies it.


The products that Sonia Design refreshes every year are the result of careful attention to choices, shapes, materials and colors, in an effort to meet the demands of international customers with very refined taste. ... [read more]

‘Serliana’, the inspiration behind the Genesi and Prestigio Collections

For the GENESI Collections, Sonia Pilla chose to carry on the special bond that our brand has established with the land and the art. Sonia got her inspiration from two Palladian architectural elements: the arch and the capital or, to be more precise, the “Serliana”.

The stylized sequence of these classical elements are reproduced on the packaging to yield an elegant and subtle texture. Their shape and color perfectly match the tonal bow, in colors that identify the variety of Panettone. This is yet another example of the harmony and elegance that have always set Loison’s products apart

Architect Andrea Palladio and the Serliana element


There is a special connection between the criteria of uniqueness, harmony and elegance that distinguish the Loison brand and the artistic, historical and cultural heritage of the Vicenza province. The city of Vicenza is inextricably linked to the name of Andrea Palladio, the famous architect who made the city unique in the world. In 1994, Vicenza was included in the World Heritage List.


Inspired by a return to the past and ... [read more]